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Senior Java Software Engineer, Software Security

Medellín, Colombia Tiempo completo
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As a senior Software Security Java software engineer for Core Services, you will help design, write and implement a new authorization and authentication solution to be deployed across all Bitso services. This critical role involves collaboration with various teams (including our security experts) to ensure scalability, optimal performance and top-notch security. You will be also responsible for leading other engineers in the team, providing a technical direction and guiding them. Once this solution is implemented, your ongoing tasks(together with the whole team) will include its maintenance and continuous evolution. You will be at the forefront of incorporating the latest requirements, particularly those related to emerging authentication mechanisms, to keep our systems up-to-date and secure.

Reports To

This Role will be reporting to the Mercury Engineering Manager.

Who You Are 

  • Proven English fluency.
  • A proficient and experienced engineer with vast knowledge in many different tools and business domains. This means you are not tight to the boundaries of the language of your preference but capable of quic